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About us

HDO is a public service provider with main responsibility for the Operation and Management of control room solutions, radio terminals connected to the Norwegian emergency public safety radio network (Nødnett) and related service.

HDO HF was founded 29th April 2013 and operates within a critical discipline where every second counts. HDO is mutually owned by the four Regional Health Authorities in Norway with main responsibility for the Operation and Management of Control Room solutions and radio terminals connected to the Nødnett, and services to its customers.

HDO is situated in Gjøvik, Norway and the company is organised in two departments: Customer and Service Management and Operations and Changes, in addition to Finance and Purchasing, Administration and HR. 

HDO's primary and prioritised tasks is to: 

  • deliver nationwide stable, cost-effective, up-to-date, and user-friendly ICT-services that meet the needs of the specialist and municipal health service
  • provide 24/7 operating and customer support for the company's customers and users
  • provide services that meet the necessary requirements for information security, availability, integrity and confidentiality
  • contribute to the development of the health sector's emergency call service, including technical development, testing, implementation, operation, and training

Upon request, HDO is obliged to provide efficient and user-friendly services to users of Nødnett in the Chain of Emergency Care within the Regional Health Trusts, Health Trusts, and the Norwegian municipalities, as well as to any other relevant partners within the Emergency Medical Service. HDO is not allowed to offer its services on the commercial market or for commercial purposes.

HDO is organized as part of the specialist health service, and the overall political goals for the health service apply to the business.​​​​

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